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Penas Blancas - Colombie - Esmerald color


Twin - Rogerley - England


The Rogerley mine is located within an abandoned quarry of the same name, just east of the village of Stanhope, in Weardale. The quarry was originally operated during the mid-19th century as a source of limestone as flux for iron foundries in the nearby towns of Tow Law and Consett. There is no evidence that the quarry was ever worked for lead or fluorspar, and these ores were not likely to have been found in commercial quantities within the quarry.

Jesse Fisher




Rogerley on spathfluorminerals

Laguna Brava - Argentina


The province of Catamarca has more than a 70% of its surface covered of mountains, and this fact suppose important minerals resources.Since the Colony period, significant mineral richness was quarried, and in a particular and intense way during the second half of the XIXth century and the first half of the XXth.Now, fluorites are produced and the specimens are very interesting.

Fluorine and calcite - El Hammam - North Africa


Le gisement de fluorine d’El Hammam (Maroc) est situé au Sud de Meknès.C'est actuellement la plus grosse mine de spath-fluor du Maghreb, ainsi que l’un des plus gros producteur de fluorine de la chaîne hercynienne. Le principal filon d’El Hammam s'allonge sur 7km du Sud-Ouest au Nord-Est; les niveaux d’exploitation s’étagent sur 900m.La longueur reconnue (du gisement) serait de 13km.La production cumulée a dépassé le cap des 500000 t en 1983. La fluorine est soit verte, violette, blanche, jaune, rubanée.

El Hammam on spathfluorminerals

Silius - Sardaigne

(Silius, Sardaigne)

In Italy, several mines have been exploited; the most of them being in Lombardy, in the Trentin and in Sardinia. Silius produced, especially at its beginnings i.e. in the upper and median parts of the vein, the remarkable crystals of barite, galena,  marcasite and incidentally, fluorite. The mine of Silius is located in Sardinia, forty kilometers NE of Cagliari, mainly near the village of Silius. Having a vein with a very great longitudinal extension (3500 m). Silius mine was exploited by shafts.


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