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Peyrebrune Mine

Peyrebrune Mine

Original postcard, not travelled, available for exchange.

Here, at spathfluor, we are always interested in everything that deals with fluorite. All informations which can provide a better knowledge of our mining patrimony is welcome. So, this page should have the name "desired" informations.

If you have some informations, documents, photos, postcards, movies... on fluorite mines, and that you would like to show them, I would be glad to have a copy.

I know that it is very difficult to entrust such archives, by being afraid of seeing them never seen back.
So, high-resolution scans, copies made by your care are completely convenient to me.

If it can cause spending, I would pay (photo duplication, copies...)

To thank you for participating in the rescue of our mining and our fluorite heritage, I can only offer you an access to the private part of In the case of a possible publication, the "donnateur" will have its name registered in the thanks and will receive a copy of the published work.

In every case, we make a commitment to mention your name (ex: copyright Alfred Dupont 2007), except when you wish to keep the anonymity.

Pierre-Christian Guiollard
Kiyoshi Kiikuni
Jean-Michel Le Cleac'h
Louis-Dominique Bayle
Guillaume Manzankiewicz
Jean Feraud
Philippe Conraux
Dan Weinrich
Jordi Fabre
Raoul Konantz
Claudine François
Marc Fournet-Fayard
Jacques Evlard
Brice et Christophe Gobin
Pascal Quénaon
Jacques Valverde
Bernard Mary

Jacques Dintilhac
John Rakovan
Jean-François Lanoe
Ronnie Van Dommelen
Laurent Sikirdji
Jesse Fisher et Joan Kureczka
Gerard Massé
Philip Grounds
Andy Seibel
Christophe Lucas
Cedric Bontent
David Steiner
Patrick Arweiler
Philip Blümner
Luc Van Bellingen
Jean-Claude Uran
Alexis Chaillou
Ross Lillie
Laura Lao
Jean-Jacques Chevallier
Brian Morris
Franck Galliot
Vincent Duseigne


Fontsante fluorite - France




Fluorite locations, mines
  Some fluorite location exist, but it seems to be difficult to find informations about them. Anything is welcome!

Fluorite locations, mines
Maybe some publications will arrive... Why not to join us, to present shortly the old mines?

Fluorite locations, mines
A bad known country, especially about mining. It is hard to obtain informations...

Hammam Zriba, Hamamm Jedidi
More and more well known mines..; but where are the publications?

Fluorite locations, mines
Many works are published on the US fluorite mines, but a good idea (I think!) would be pto present many of these mines as web pages, on a same site.

Industrials : Do not hesit to contact us. We can propose you a mean to present your company. Contact us .





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