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Gilles Emringer

Gilles Emringer


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Among the various means of collecting, Gilles Emringer became attached to the aesthetics.

The criteria chosen here as the establishment of this collection, were refined during years as well in the contact of the ground as by frequenting the famous French collections, and foreign public collections, as well as the numerous private collections.

In the following pages are presented minerals which Gilles Emringer and Multiaxes were able to acquire during all these years. The rarity of the crystalline shape, the association with another mineral, exceptional transparency are so many criteria which make that some specimens have a fame...



Some specimens :
(click on a photo to visit the galery)

Gilles Emringer - Cobaltocalcite and native copper, Morocco


Gilles Emringer - Pyromorphite, Chaillac, Indre, France


Gilles Emringer - Pyromorphite, Bunker Hill


Multiaxes is known among the collectors for the quality of the mineralogical specimens in its ownership. You can very notice very often that some of its samples are photographed in magazines(reviews) dealing with mineralogy.

Multiaxes presents not only minerals in the sale, but also can organize private or public exhibitions(exposures), on a precise subject (fluorite, sulphides, Australian minerals...)

Spathfluorminerals is a site arisen from the association of and of Multiaxes.


His criteria of collection

The mineralogical collections can be very diverse and declined under numerous forms.

For example, you can realize:
- a systematic collection the criterion of selection of which is geographical (country, department);

- collect minerals belonging to a precise family (carbonates, halogenures);

- a collection of acquired minerals only thanks to the fruit of your work on the sites, during prospections...


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